Lucy Filppu is a published, tenured Teacher of English at Palo Alto High School, where she has taught a range of complex texts and writing strategies to every grade level, in addition to launching two new English electives, The Literature of Comedy and Communications and Leadership. Before becoming a teacher, Lucy founded a children’s educational website and worked as a journalist for Time Magazine. She has published poetry, essays and articles in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Time for Kids, Overseas Press Club, The Palo Alto Weekly and Education.com. Most recently Lucy won 3rd place in a writing contest sponsored by the California Teachers of English. Lucy earned a B.A. in Communications from UCLA; a M.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from NYU; and attended Columbia Teacher’s College and San Jose State University for her teaching credential.

The Status Quo:

"As I see it, our country's ability to maintain its technological advantage is very much intertwined with teaching explicit writing skills in our schools." - Bernard Meisler, Senior Software Engineer

"The average score on the writing portion of the [2011] SAT exam was 488, down nine points since that subject was first tested in 2006." - Washington Post, 9-24-12

"A student's writing education should not end after a teacher exhausts the ins and outs of mechanical techniques, but should extend into understanding, and wielding, the power of the written word." - The Atlantic Monthly

"Teaching creative writing in place of the mechanics of writing is a disaster for children..." - Peg Tyre, author "The Writing Revolution"


"My son learned theme vs. motif, how to write a perfect paragraph, and your camp made him more comfortable with 9th grade English.  The topics you covered have been re-introduced in his English class."

-Parent of High School Freshman

"Lucy's enthusiasm for writing is infectious.  Students will be engaged and have fun while learning the writing skills they'll need to be successful in high school."

- Parent of a High School Freshmen

Instructor: Lucy Filppu, English Teacher, Palo Alto High School
Contact: pawritingacademy@gmail.com